Thursday, January 06, 2005

Attorney Fee Award Standard: Failure to Settle not a Valid Factor

Shirley v. Shirley2004 OK CIV APP 100, ___ P.3d ___, Decided 09/17/2004, Mandate 12/21/2004
The Court of Appeals held "that  the failure to settle an issue in a divorce case is an inappropriate factor in considering the equities of awarding attorneys fees and costs. Because it appears the trial court used the award in this case as a penalty for failing to settle, we will modify the award by reducing it to $10,000. "

Sunday, August 08, 2004

Link to Local Rules for Tulsa County District Court

I have had comments from at least one user about the link to Local Rules not working. I want to explain why users may be having this problem.

The original rules adopted by the District Court Judges were in a printed pamphlet form which may be purchased from the Court Administrator's office for a nominal fee. The version of the Local Rules on the website is formatted as a "PDF" document. This means that it is an exact duplicate of the printed brochure and, if printed, will be a page-for-page replication of that brochure. This is useful if you are referencing a rule by page number, or looking for a rule that someone else has referenced by page number.

The downside to the "PDF" file is that it is a large file and takes longer to load. While it is loading, most users will continue to see the original screen page and will think the link is not working, until it suddenly appears on screen through Adobe Reader.

At the request of website users, I have it on my schedule to recreate an html or web-friendly version of the Local Rules which will load instantly and be more responsive to online searching. It will not, however, print out exactly as the brochure is laid out. The final format will probably be a primary html version with an optional link to the PDF version.

The point of this is to say that you will have to have some patience while waiting for the Local Rules to load. While the "few-minute" wait is inconvenient, console yourself that it is less inconvenient than having to drive to the Courthouse to get a new copy.

Thanks to users who have commented or made suggestions about improving this website link.