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District Court of Tulsa County
Family and Divorce Guardian Ad Litem List

(The following individuals have certified that they have met the requirements of 43 O.S. 107.3  to serve as a Guardian Ad Litem. This resource list is provided as a community service and is not offered as a  recommendation, sponsorship, certification or endorsement of any of the professionals who have self-certified that they have met the criteria to be a Guardian Ad Litem. Should you have any concerns regarding these professionals, please direct them to the appropriate professional organizations. [ Click here for more information ] .)    
For additional Provider information, click on the number to the left of the Provider name.

Clark,   Richard

525 S. Main Street, Suite 800
Tulsa,   OK      

Business Phone:  (918)   599-7755
Business FAX:     (918)   599-7756
Email Address:     rclarke@barberbartz.com

Cornell,   Melissa F.

320 S. Boston Ave., Ste. 1118
Tulsa,   OK      74103

Business Phone:  (918)   382-9332
Business FAX:     (918)   382-9319
Email Address:     melissa@tulsadivorce.com

Mowry,   Joseph J.

2105 E. 15th St., Ste. B
Tulsa,   OK      74104

Business Phone:  (918)   895-6622
Business FAX:     (918)   895-6626
Email Address:     joe@mediateoklahoma.com

Robertson,   Moura A.J.
      Domestic Violence Mediator
15 West Sixth Street, Ste, 2000
Tulsa,   OK      74119

Business Phone:  (918)   382-9332
Business FAX:     (918)   382-9319
Email Address:     moura@tulsadivorce.com

Schemmer,   Lisa

3820-C E. 51st Street
Tulsa,   OK      74135

Business Phone:  (918)   744-1000
Business FAX:     (918)   744-1003
Email Address:     LSchemmer@aol.com

Swenson,   Carol L.
      Domestic Violence Mediator
1719 E. 71st Street
Tulsa,   OK      74136

Business Phone:  (918)   481-5898
Business FAX:     (918)   488-9855
Email Address:     clswenson@sbcglobal.net


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